Hi, there!

So, here’s the “what”:

I like writing – about everything.

Whether it’s a few of my thoughts on the book I have just parted with at the library’s drop box, my musings on whatever is playing on the picture box at home or at the box office around the corner, or just the thoughts that seem to be rolling around in this noggin of mine, I can guarantee that I have a few scribble-scrabbles written down somewhere.

I figured it would be a lot more convenient to hoard all my words on a blog as opposed to having a collection of post-it notes or crinkled shreds of paper stashed away in a drawer.

Now, the “why”:

Well, why do any of us do anything outside of that whole ‘needing to bring home the bacon’ aspect of life?

For the love of it, of course!

Maybe it started with my preference for books over people back when dial-up internet, VCRs, and portable CD players were the ‘in’ thing (that’s the 90’s for the younger ones puzzled by all those ancient forms of technology); or, maybe it is just one of those biological things the ‘Father of Genetics’ Mr. Gregor Mendel would attribute to being ‘in the genes.’ (..It may also be the fact that I have always found it easier to write down my thoughts then try to verbally stumble them out.)

Either way, I write for the same reason most people do so: to share, to inspire, and to connect with others.

As for the birth of this blog:

If you knew me, you would know that:

  1. I read as much as I breathe air.
  2. I have yet to miss a Thursday movie release date (with a home collection of over 900 DVDs; not kidding, I’ve counted).
  3. I am a hoarder of beautiful words, including quotes or poetry.
  4. I tend to write whenever and wherever about whatever.

Lately, many people have been asking me if I review books/movies, if I have a blog with my own writing, or if I have a place where I store all the wonderful quotes I have come across.

Voilà, this is my response to everyone’s inquiries – my writing blog.

Next, comes the “where”:

For now, I have grouped my writing into two categories: “Life” and “Keeping Tabs.”

The Life tab will have more of my blog-y or journal type entries. This will include:

  •   “On the Map“- During my travels, I do like to share my experiences with others to highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of that specific location.
  • On the Mind” – This is like the junk drawer that can be found in all houses. If I feel the need to write any of my random opinions, thoughts, or other hear-abouts, you will find them in this spot.

The Keeping Tabs tab will contain entries that revolve around reviews or quotes/poetry. Here you’ll find:

  • My Bookshelf” – This will house all the book reviews I write. You will soon find out that I read a variety of different genres. My favorites tend to be fantasy and sci-fi; but I do give all books a chance.
  • Movie Collection” – You will find my movie reviews on either a box office hit (or dud), a Redbox rental, or any other things that may be on the picture box (may include TV shows/episodes).
  • “Mixtape” – Every now and then, I will stumble upon a song, new or old, that really  hits home. I will share those here. My music playlist is really a hodge podge of everything.
  • Words” –  As you may have deduced, I love words (kind of a given there Sherlock, since I like writing). Resulting from my affection for words is a need to store my favorite quotes that I find in lyrics, books, and what have you, or simply my own words.

( The What’s New tab is really just my post page. This means that my most recent posts will appear in this section and be listed chronologically by the posting date. )

I guess I should finally mention a bit about the “who”:

I trust that you’ve already realized my name is indeed Nicole; Eve is my middle name. My closer acquaintances have the privilege of calling me: “Nick”. (Honestly, I prefer the name Nick, simply for the ease of it being a one syllable word – rolls off the tongue better.)

I truly am an introvert at heart. So, the definition of awkward is pretty much my profile description. Unless, of course, you would like to sit down with me over a cup of coffee and have one of those deep, meaningful conversations that are most cherished by “old souls” (which I have been called countless times). If the later, then I am your person and let’s head to the nearest coffee joint.

As with most introverts, I enjoy the more quiet spectrum of life, with a few dashes of adventure occasionally sprinkled throughout. If I am not reading, I’m writing. If doing neither of those two activities, then you may find me sketching or playing the piano. I do have the tendency to wander off outside to clear my head and take a few snapshots of nature or just explore the outdoors. Which brings me to my next point…

The outdoors is how I recharge. Camping, hiking, kayaking, all that wilderness stuff… absolute necessity. Part of me wonders what it would be like to live the vagabond life. You know, travelin’ and livin’ off the land with my dog named Bear, not Boo (*get the song reference?), and going where the wind blows.

I dabble in photography and frequently post my sights on Instagram. Take a gander if you’re interested (@nikk_m). If you were wondering, all the photos decorating my website are indeed from my Nikon camera (and can also be found on my Instagram). You’ll also find a few videos of my piano recordings; playing the piano has been a passion of mine since the age of 3 and counting…

I have already experienced the numerous late night study sessions in order to obtain a Bachelors degree (in both Biology and Music, in case you wanted to know); however, I am still figuring out this beautifully confusing and wonderful thing called life and trying to find my own little niche in the world.

In the meantime, I write.

That’s the gist… for any questions (or a simple hi), just shoot me a message (up above in the “Contact” tab)!

*Song reference: Me and You and a Dog Named Boo by Lobo

Thanks for stopping by!